Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hello, I have been working in the merchandising industry for over four years now.  I just started recruiting teachers to teach overseas over two months ago and so I stay busy.  This does not leave me any free time for eating lol...but that is alright since I love to stay busy and do retailing as well as recruiting.  At my job at MEG, we not only recruit but we sell the TESOL program so that we can train the teachers to get their skills to teach ESL.  I am also enrolled in the course which is a fringe benefit I get for working at MEG.

I have to now admit I am a workaholic.  I used to be a subsitute teach until they laid regular teachers off and put them in the substitute pool.  That severely cut back my days in the public schools system.  I then got in secret shopping and merchandising.  I was not really subbing much.  I was very depressed when I was hardly working for a long time.  I could not handle that and then I met a lovely lady who gave me a recruiting job at MEG. 

At about the same time a new company took over the company I was merchandising for before and turns out they are more organized than the previous company and have a lot more work.  I just have a strong desire to work.

I will be posting more on here.  Please feel free to add your comments.

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